Following the end of Space War I, the new United Nations Government came to terms with the near extinction of the human race and adopted a plan titled the Humanity Seeding Project to help ensure the survival of the species would never again depend upon the fate of a single planet. Hence, the UNG built the colonization fleet to carry humans across the stars and establish new human habitation upon distant worlds. The first of these colonization fleets was the Super Long Range Emigration Fleet Number One, lead by the Megaroad-01 Class colonization ship, which launched on September 2012 carry some 80,000 colonists. Close-Range colonization fleets followed in 2013 (one such fleet discovering and colonizing planet Eden) and in 2030 the enormous New Macross Class Colonization Fleets departed carrying in excess of one million people. As of 2059, the highly decentralized New United Nations Government continues to build colonization fleets and many of the large independant fleets have become nation-states in their own right, such as the 10 million people of the Macross 25/Macross Frontier fleet (designated the Island Cluster Class).

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